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Nah, you could do something great – In this post I reflect on a comment a student made that I would argue is indicative of a broader perception of the teaching perception.

Tweets I’m Thinking about

Laurie Richards tweeted this about grit and Freakonomics did a podcast on it and since according to my Twitter bio I’m a grit skeptic naturally both things occupied some space in my brain.

Sam Shah tweeted this awesomeness (you’ll have to send him a follow request to see the tweet) that one of his students is working on. I’ve read bout his final projects before and they are typically awesome. Check out last year’s and the previous year’s.

Last, but the first of the week, a former colleague of mine won his 1000th softball game as a head coach! So there’s a bit of local awesome for you. Read about it here.

Tech Tools I Recommend

If you’re an iOS user then I highly recommend checking out Google’s new keyboard for the iPhone. Features such as Glide Typing, emoji search, and speed (as fast as the stock keyboard). Oh, did I mention it’s free and that Google search is integrated into it? Read about it here and download it here. Also of note, part of Google’s motivation here, as described in the article, is to gather data that it’s missing out on by tracking your searches. You can however not let Google get this data by not allowing full access. The downside is you can’t use the search feature, but it’s still an awesome keyboard without it.

What My Students Are Working On

My calc students starting working on their final projects in which they can learn anything they want over the course of the last couple weeks of school (once they’ve taken the AP test). Here’s some of their projects.

Final Project Topics

That’s it for this week. I’ve never done this before so if you enjoy it (or if you think it’s stupid) let me know. Have a great weekend!

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