Trig Verification through Collaboration (Take 2)

Last year I wrote about an activity I implemented designed by Steve Kelly in which students complete a card sort task, some whiteboarding, and independent practice. The idea is that this activity is the entry point to trig verification, which can be a tough topic for students. I like a lot of things about it but one aspect that I noticed this year is the benefit of getting students up and moving around. It breaks up the class and I think it’s helps the brain learn (I’m sure I read or learned that somewhere, so if I’m wrong please do call me out in the comments).  My reflections are similar to last year so the main purpose of this post is to share some of the images from this year’s activity.  As usual, feedback is welcome!

IMG_2467 IMG_2469

IMG_2471 IMG_2470 IMG_2466 IMG_2465 IMG_2468 IMG_2464


  • Andrea Reply

    Booo…your DropBox link to the materials is broken. Any chance that you can fix it? This sounds like a great activity, and I’d love to implement it next week.

    • Zach Cresswell Reply

      Ahhhh. Yes. I will fix it tonight. I reorganized my dropbox a few months ago and I keep finding new broken links. So frustrating but thank you for pointing it out. I’ll let you know when they’re fixed.

    • Zach Cresswell Reply

      Link should be fixed. Here it is . Let me know if you have questions about the activity. I’d also love to here how it goes and what I could do to improve it.

      • Andrea Reply

        Awesome! I’m looking forward to trying it out!

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