Sniglets: Playing with Words

For my most recent mini-project in my current grad class (Learning Technology through Design) I was asked to come up with a few sniglets. You can read about them in great detail here, but essentially the idea is that you come up with a word for a moment or thing that doesn’t have one yet. Below are the three sniglets I came up with.

Instafasebake (In sta face bake) – adj. This is what happens when you open the preheated oven, bend down too soon to get something out or put something in, and your face gets blasted with a heat that is well over 300 degrees.

Dogsfrozfriend (Dogs froze friend) – n. Snowman who is a good friend of a dog. Snowmen are divided into two groups; the traditional snowman (that is born into a home that does not have a dog) and the Dogsfrozfriend (which is like a traditional snowman but has been born into a home that owns a dog). The latter type of snowman can be characterized but the persistent yellow tint surrounding the snowball that makes up the base of the snowman. Because, for a male dog, the only thing better than a fire hydrant is a Dogsfrozfriend.
Juzpinit (juz spin it) – n. The moment when a you’ve eaten enough of a loaf of bread that it is more practical to simply spin the loaf and tuck the remainder of the bag under (the loaf) than to put the twist tie back on. This moment is different for everyone. For some the moment is after eating the first piece of bread and for some the juzpinit never comes. For many though, it is a glorious moment in which eating bread becomes more streamlined and enjoyable.
Image Credit: This photo is from gravity_grave on Flickr and can be found by following this link.


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