Relation to Key Topics in Ed Tech (Deeper Learning through Technology)

In this post I’d like to lay out a couple ways that my grant engages with current topics in educational technology. My grant addresses a major topic and that is 1-1 device initiatives. Schools and districts all over the state are starting to give devices to each of their students to use in class. One of the problems with these initiatives is that they are often top down and the result is poor implementation. Even though devices can be used to increase deep understanding, they are frequently implemented ineffectively. My grant proposal provides several ways in which students will leverage the technology in effective ways.

Although I wasn’t explicit about this in my outline or write up, one other issue in ed tech that I’ll be addressing if I get the devices is the balance between high tech and low tech tools. I have had success with students using collaborative whiteboards for example and tablets cannot replace those. When considering which technology to implement it’s important to not focus only on high tech tools.

Last, the entire overarching goal of this technology is to get students to think deeper about mathematics. To me this is what we should be trying to leverage technology for in all disciplines. Technology has great potential to be a catalyst for critical thinking if it’s implemented carefully. A side effect of effectively implementing these technologies is that ideally they give students ideas for how they can support their learning in the future. We want students that are digitally literate and that can leverage technology to become effective lifelong learners.

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