Reflection on my Brainstorming Session

For this assignment in my Learning Technology through Design course I had to do a brainstorming session on my problem of practice, the lack of time in education. I did this with one of my colleagues one day after school. It didn’t take us long to bump into the problems I’d been dealing with for some time. After I caught him up speed on where I was at with the problem we began jotting down some ideas on a whiteboard. Below are a few images of the thoughts we recorded. We ran into two major problems. The first is the problem of culture. We currently don’t have a culture that really respects the teaching profession. He seemed convinced that this was a problem not worth tackling because who can really change society by themselves. Neither one of us is in any ¬†position to give an “I have a Dream speech” any time soon. Although I’m less pessimistic about this path, he does make a fair point. The second was that teachers, although they may want more time, are unlikely to want to make significant changes to the current schedule. For instance, one solution we came up with was to shorten summer break, maintain the number of contact time with students, and free up more time on a typical school day for planning, collaborating, etc. This way teachers would bring less work home during the busy parts of the school year and would have more time to innovate. He pointed out, and rightfully so, that many teachers really like their summers off. They like that long break. Now I might contend that if the school year was less stressful and we felt like society and the legislature respect our opinions and our work that we might not need 3 months to recover from the school year.

In my next post I’ll lay out what I gained from this ideate module and give some idea as to what solutions might be the most feasible.

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