Here is where I will storing my assignments for my current grad class, “Creativity in Teaching & Learning” (CEP-818).

Module 1

Véjá Du

Module 2

How do I love thee: Perceiving 

Module 3

The Creative “I” – Defining Creativity – An Interview with Steve Kelly

How do I Love Thee?: Patterning – Redefining Patterns Typically Associated with Functions

Module 4

How do I love Thee: Abstracting 

Module 5

Creative I: Variations on a Theme – Tweaking Green Day for the Sake of Functions

How do I love thee: Embodied Thinking – “Feeling” Functions

Module 6

Dimensional Thinking – Functions

Module 7

Playing with Functions

My Favorite Creative Space

Module 8

Synthesizing: The Case for Creativity in Education

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