Incubation Journal Reflection

For this project in my current grad class, Learning Technology through Design, I was asked to keep an incubation journal for a week and jot down ideas related to my problem of practice as they came to me. Below is an image of the list I generated. I wanted to reflect on a few things that I noticed while maintaining this journal. I always have a running list of ideas (well a notebook in Evernote) and so that wasn’t really new to me. What was new was the focused aspect of this journal. I had never kept an idea journal for a specific topic before. I liked this and I think I will use it for major problems that come up in the future. It’s a space dedicated to all the good, bad, and crazy ideas related to your problem. It’s valuable because not only do you generate a lot of ideas, it’s a space where they can really flow as there are no wrong answers or criticism. This allowed me to come up with a wide variety of ideas and solutions to my problem. Maintaining my notebook of miscellaneous ideas is valuable, but I’m almost always working on a couple problems at any given time. I see value in keeping idea lists specific to each individual problem.  As you can see below, some of my ideas and solutions to this problem are probably more feasible than others. Incubation journal notes

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